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Be Vewy Vewy Quiet

Can you lean in a little closer? Yes, you in the velour track suit and you over there rocking that stylish ascot. C’mere, I’ve got something to tell ya.

You know how all those months ago I asked you to send me postcards in order to motivate me to write my memoir? Well, you did send them and I was motivated. I managed to complete ten pages and then the physical act of typing became more trouble than it was worth so I bailed on the whole project until help could arrive.

Now that help has most definitely arrived in the form of some hifalutin technological voodoo from some company named Dynavox , I am about to remedy that temporary situation.

This entry is my official notice to the world that work on my memoir is back on. Considering the outline is done, all that’s left to do is fill in a few blanks and expand on several small details. That’s it. No problem. I’ll have it done by the end of


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  1. The long¬† journey to the top of the best seller list has begun with the completion of my first two paragraphs (and a title page) for my memoir. Yay me and thank you for inspiring me with your postcards. Keep ’em coming ’cause I’ve a long way to go and a lot of wall to fill.
  2. After an agonizing wait of over a month, my customized license plate frame has finally arrived. Check it out:
    Ignore the stuff in the middle and focus on the frame.

    Ignore the stuff in the middle and focus on the frame.

    Needless to say, Fehmeen isn’t exactly thrilled about the prospect of having this incredibly clever work of art attached to our primary mode of familial transportation. So I thought that I would leave it up to you, the voters in this sophisticated yet anonymous poll, as to whether the frame should roll with us on the road or collect dust in the corner of some dingy garage.

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How would you like to help me write my memoir AND decorate my office at the same time?

If you answered yes to one or both of those questions then you may skip the next sentence and go directly to the next paragraph to find out what you can do to help. If your answer was a no then you should take a moment to reconsider your response and join the rest of us in the sentence below this one. (Try highlighting the invisi-text in order to read it).

Here’s my dilemma: I moved into a new room/office/workspace at school this past Monday and despite the fact that it’s the perfect place for me to get some serious writing done, I can’t get past the depressing reality that the blank Word doc that is the current state of my memoir is almost as exciting and inspiring as the blank 8 ft by 5 ft bulletin board that stares down at me every moment I’m in there. It’s enough to make a guy feel all alone in the universe.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can help me fill the blank spaces in my memoir and on my wall by sending me a postcard in the mail. Every time I accomplish something for my book, I will add another postcard to my bulletin board. Inspiration from the page will put pictures on my wall and inspiration from the wall will put words on my page.

But I can’t do this without you. I need you to send me a postcard from your hometown, from your current vacation spot, from wherever you are now and from wherever you will be in the future. Just please send me a postcard.

And it doesn’t even matter if you’ve read every word I’ve ever written or if this is your first time here, I humbly ask you all to consider participating in this project. Besides just being flat-out cool, it would mean a lot to me.

Send your postcards to:

Jason Picetti

P.O.  Box 112

San Carlos CA 94070

*** I have also written this address above the archives section on the right side of my blog. JP

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Six Word Memoirs of Our Own

A quick disclaimer: the idea behind today’s entry is not my own. I originally heard about the notion in an email I received from a coworker but after a little investigation, I discovered a magazine called SMITH to be the literary entity most likely responsible for the concept of the Six Word Memoir being sent out into the world and into our collective consciousness.

The Six Word Memoir breaks down like this: tell the story of you in six words. That’s it. Distill the essence of what it is to be you in only six words.

At first, I thought it to be an impossible task but after a bit of careful consideration, I came up with this:

Father of Emma, husband of Fehmeen

And that worked but it didn’t quite encapsulate what it means to be me, right here and right now. A few moments later, these six words came to mind:

Trying to live a lifetime, now

Better, but still not perfect. A bit on the hopelessly depressing side and not exactly where I’m coming from, even now, diagnosis and all. So I pondered it some more and before I knew it, the words were there. My six word memoir:

Speech and movement compromised, spirit unaffected.

With that said, now it’s your turn. Your assignment, faithful reader (both contributor and lurker), is to create your own Six Word Memoir and post it up in the comments section below. Even if you choose not to share, I believe that you will find the exercise both fulfilling and meaningful. I know that I did.

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