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Reason No. 576

The moment Emma returned home after having spent the day with Nani she was whisked into my room and told to give her daddy a kiss. She refused and bailed to the kitchen. Five minutes later Emma came back alone and gave me two smooches on the cheek as well as a hug for my neck.

And that is Reason No. 576 why I love my little girl.


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What’s in a Name

Have you ever noticed that a lot of brand name alcohol begins with a name  that starts  with a J? Jim, Jack, Johnnie, and Jose. That’s Beam, Daniels, Walker, and Cuervo for those of you too young to know better.  That’s kinda crazy. Does anybody know Captain Morgan’s first name?

Props to MLB for reaching out to Hispanic fans by including Spanish URLs for teams behind home plate. So far I’ve seen sfgigantes.com and losmets.com. I was bummed to see that the team from San Diego only had one address: padres.com. What’s up with that? Yes, I am talking to you BVD. That sweep hurt.

If I ever get into the synthetic hair biz, I would call  my shop Wellington Wong’s Wonderful World of  Wigs and Weaves.

I had a dream one night during college that I never forgot. It was about  an ice cream flavor called Robble Dobb Dobb James Brown Work with Me Ice Cream. I don’t know how it tasted or what it looked like. Only the name remains.

Typing and caregiving by Lhito

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My Happy Place

To get to the place where I can simply just be, we have to traverse tree-lined suburban avenues whose sidewalks are filled with the names of those who were fortunate enough to be there just as the cement was drying.  Before too long, the streets transform to a more urban entity with used book stores and consignment shops and doughnut joints and comic book shops and places that sell records, tapes, and CDs as far as the eye can see. Somewhere amidst this bustling cityscape, an oasis of green presents itself to us. We climb part way up a grassy hill and place our blanket next to an implausibly giant tree. We sit. And we feast. We eat roast beef sandwiches on sourdough rolls from Roma’s Deli in San Bruno and we drink from a bottomless bottle of Dr. Pepper. We listen to an endless mix of Tom Waits (Rain Dogs, Swordfishtrombones, and Mule Variations), Steve Earle (Transcendental Blues and Washington Square Serenade) and Abba (Gold). We watch the unending parade of people playing every game imaginable as the scent of Nag Champa incense wafts by on a barely noticeable  breeze. Welcome to my happy place.

Typed on Leannie Oakley

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Birthday Twins 2010

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…amazing, stunning, fetching, interesting, all-encompassing, intriguing, beguiling, dazzling, baffling, mystifying, stupefying, mesmerizing, bewitching…

You clicking here and seeing what all the -ing is about.

Me apologizing while giggling.

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Casting Call

Back when I could sing and dance, I used to fancy myself a wanna-be thespian. I even imagined playing the following roles from my favorite productions:

Brad M. – Rocky Horror …… Mark C. – Rent  …… Seymour K. – Little Shop

My fate is up to you. Vote in the poll and cast me in a role.

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My Mane Shame

  1. I was in college.
  2. It was 1992.
  3. Jerry Garcia was my hero.
  4. I thought it looked good.

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‘Nuff said.

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Isn’t It Ironic

How is it a guy who can’t use his arms loves to wear a Snuggie?

I eagerly await any commentary from The Linguistic Police about my use of irony.

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Outdoors with Jason

Watching Sesame Street with Emma this morning, we saw this video. Hope you like it as much as we did.

Hey Kim M, had you seen that before?

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