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Weekend Update

For your reading and commenting pleasure, a condensed and boiled down version of my thoughts and activities of the weekend so far.

A sampling of the songs played from my Spotify library during the time it took to type this:  You Give Love a Bad Name – Bon Jovi, she – elvis Costello, east bound and down – jerry reed, pressure drop – toots and the maytals, wheel in the sky – journey, The heart of the matter – india.arie, you make my pants want to get up and dance – dr hook, just the guy to do it – toby keith, summer in the city – regina spektor, lucky – jason mraz.

Sunday marks the completion of exactly three weeks since I last ate food the old fashioned way:  Orally.  You would think that I miss it but I don’t.  The six or seven spoonfuls of mush that I was barely choking down at mealtime took way too long to shovel into my pie hole that it was not worth continuing the practice for everyone involved.  Considering that I get 2100 calories from the six Boosts that they pour in the tube, one could argue that I am getting all that I need.  And I agree.  Have you seen my gut lately?  Maybe it’s time for Boost Zero!!

I think this question every year but this time I need to know so I am “verbalizing” it here in print.  I know that the Chinese New Year’s parade took place in San Francisco last night, but I’ve been hearing about Chinese New Year for about the past two weeks.  Exactly how long does Chinese New Years last?  It seems to go on as long as the NHL and NBA playoffs combined.

Because the wife was living it up in LA yesterday, I decided to lose myself in cinema.  Here is my quadruple feature from Saturday: Enchanted, Machete, some horrible zombie movie, and Unstoppable.  Machete had some serious star power attached to it like Robert De Niro, Steven Seagal, and Lindsay Lohan and it featured the most creative use of someone’s intestines ever captured on film.  A must see for fans of the grindhouse movie genre.

Thursday Afternoon Movie Club is back on with my new caregiver Juliano.  We will be seeing the new Liam Neeson film Unknown.  Check the top of my blog midweek for the time.  You know you want to see it.

There is no feeling quite as emasculating as purchasing a Justin Beiber cd from a store.  Compounding that with my inability to explain to the clerk that it was a last minute gift for my wife’s birthday and you can begin to feel my pain.  Seriously.


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