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After a year of ALS-imposed book reading celibacy, it feels great to immerse myself in the pages of a novel thanks to my new Kindle e-book reader.

My first book, The Lovely Bones, was ultimately a disappointment after a promising start. The big twist towards the end was a little too M Night-lite for my tastes.

Currently, I am ankles-deep in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. So far, so good, it’s a real page-turner button-pusher.

I’m open for suggestions for my next book.


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Name That Tune

With Lito, my new caregiver, and the Jude, my mom, as witnesses, Emma was able to Name That Tune — ‘Sexy Eyes’ by Dr Hook — in TWO notes.

Imagine what life would be like if Dr Hook actually wrote prescriptions. Oh yeah, all right.

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Feeding My Face

I’ve had the PEG tube protruding from my belly for about a week now. It hurt like hell going in — the local had worn off early on — and I felt every incision as it was made.

I can feel the water, but not the Ensure, as it enters my stomach. I taste nothing going down but still I burp. If I ‘drank’ wine, could I pass a breathalizer test?

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The Fine Print

Am at a loss to explain my recently developed compulsion towards reading the verbiage of the fine print that appears on the bottom most tv commercials these days. Could be my deep-seeded mistrust of all things ‘the man’ has come bubbling back to the forefront of my consciousness or perhaps I’m sitting too close to my HD flat screen.

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Weekend in Monterey

Once upon a time ...

... a boy met a girl by the copy machine in the teacher's lounge at school one day in 2004.

Early on in their whirlwind courtship, the happy couple took a trip to Monterey.

They tried on hats of various shapes and sizes ...

... with a patriotic theme.

Some fit ...

... and some didn't.

However, the highlight of the weekend was when they took notice of a group of blue hairs wearing purple and red ...

... and he convinced her to follow them so he could snap some pictures of their hideous outfits.

It was all shits and giggles ...

... until they got CAUGHT.

It was at that moment when the boy knew that she was the girl for him.

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A Slight Reprieve

Bought myself at least one more year’s worth of participation in fantasy leagues and various other football-centric wagering activities when Fehmeen won a cool $125 in a Super Bowl pool.

Happy wife equals happy life.

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No feeding tube for me… just yet.

Due to the mid-procedure discovery that I possess a ‘J-shaped’ stomach, the installation of my PEG-tube has been delayed until some slightly more sophisticated endoscopic equipment can be booked for my doctors’ use.

Rescheduled procedure date: February 16th at high noon.

And speaking of high, I still very much was when I opened my eyes in the recovery room.

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Another Mouth to Feed

The next time you read me I will be rockin’ a brand new feeding tube. Conscious sedation begins tomorrow at 8 AM, details and photos to follow.

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My Friend Glenn

I met Glenn for the first time in November 2007 at a parent teacher conference for his son. Like me, Glenn was having some neurological issues of his own. Within a few months, we were both diagnosed with ALS.

The next time I saw Glenn was every Thursday night in April and May 2008 when we attended a Mindfulness Meditation class at Stanford together. The classes were interesting and informative but I looked forward to our weekly pre-class dinner at Lulu’s most of all.

The last time I saw Glenn was at the ALS Clinic at UCSF in July 2009. We talked about getting the two Emmas — his dog, my daughter — together some time in the future. When our respective doctor’s visits were over, we waved good-bye to each other.

I miss my friend Glenn Mills. He was a good man.

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