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Lost Mojo

I’d be lying if I came on here and told you that all is well with me.

It’s just this damn fatigue that’s keeping me down. I wake up after eight plus hours of sleep (2 hours down, 5 minutes up to get rolled over and suctioned, 1 hour down, 5 minutes up and so on throughout the night), a potty break, and a shower, and the first thing I want to do once I get that morning Boost (breakfast) into my belly is to close my eyes. They open and close sporadically through the last hour of the local news and whatever movie we happen to find that starts at or near nine o’clock. I reassess the situation about an hour and a half to two hours later and inevitably discover that my eyelids refuse to stay open.

Once I manage to get online with the eye gaze, the only thing I’m interested in doing is to passively look at pages. I have tried to write this post for the last four days but I crap out before I get very far. My mojo just ain’t flowing these days.

Like right now… I’ve been doing this for over an hour and I’m not really feeling it anymore. I’m not done with my thoughts but I’m over it for today.

I will publish this now so you know that I’m still alive and promise to continue tomorrow.


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Whenever someone asks Emma the reason why she is so cute her response is the same every time:  Genetics. How awesome — and completely accurate — is that?

I know, I know, Fehmeen and I may be more than a little bit guilty of coaching her up on that one but who can blame us?  She is pretty darn cute.

So, the other morning I overheard young Emma talking to her Papa (aka the Italian Man Servant) that when Emma gets older she wants to write e-mail.  I immediately thought back to a suggestion my cousin Bryan made several months ago about how I should offer my readers the chance to ask me questions.  It wasn’t long after that when the two ideas merged into one and the topic of this post was born.

And here it is:

Now you, my loyal and esteemed readers, have the opportunity to ask our two-and-a-half year old daughter any question(s) you want.  Fehmeen and I will choose several of them and then we will read them to her and see what the Bug has to say.  I will post the questions and answers on this blog some time early next week for all to enjoy.

Please send your questions to:  askemmabug@gmail.com

Oh yeah, one last thing.  I had my caregiver Lhito call the 800 number listed in the title but sadly, it was no longer in service.

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Breaking Bad(ly)

There’s not much in this whole wide world that makes me happier than when I convince Fehmeen to break bad.  Now I’m not talking about felony, misdemeanor, or even your typical run-of-the-mill citation kind of breaking bad in this case.  No, I’m referring to the kind of bad that goes and gets you tossed out of the “I’ve never broken a single solitary rule in my entire lifetime except for this one” club.  Oh yeah, that kind of trouble.

I’ll never forget the time that we were living in Sunnyvale and she had decided (and I had of course enthusiastically acquiesced) that we were going to check out the latest Jennifer Aniston star vehicle that had invaded the local multiplex.  Just as we were about to enter the theater, Fehmeen noticed that she still had over three-quarters of her steaming hot grande latte from Starbs in her hand.  She immediately ambled towards the rubbish bin to dump the contraband cappuccino before we had to face the eagle-eyed gaze of the teenaged ticket taker.  I stopped her before she did something she would undoubtedly regret.  When I suggested that she sneak the coffee in under her coat, Fehmeen began to peer nervously over her shoulder for the outside food police to haul her off to movie theater jail just for even considering the subterfuge as an option. It took several minutes of cajoling on my part but in the end, she did it.   She was so pleased with her illicit activity, she didn’t seem to mind so much that the movie (predictably) sucked.

Now that brings us to the present.  I have been struggling mightily with this persistent and hacking cough for so long now that swallowing my pills and even the required amount of Nyquil had become more of a belabored chore than usual.  My heart almost stopped beating when my usually darpook wife offered to not only pour the cough syrup down my feeding tube but to crush the pills and jam them down there as well — both of which we were advised against doing by the tube people.

And you know what, she didn’t even look the slightest bit nervous as she was breaking bad.

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Arriving for the unveiling.

What is under the sheet?

Watching and waiting.

Still waiting, this time only closer.

The incredible Leopard Statue of La Entrada.

It took Ms Gregori and her art students two years to complete the statue.

Another look.

This time only closer.

The highlight of the day was listening to these former students say a few nice words about me.

Thank you to everyone involved, especially Ms Gregori, for giving me this amazing honor for which I will always be grateful.

typed by Lhito Paquiao

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