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Happy 400th

On the occasion of this being the 400th post to my blog, I spent some time wracking my brain to come up with a clever and creative way to celebrate the historic event.

When all was (figuratively) said and done, I decided to keep it simple and merely upload a picture.

I’m 95% certain that I haven’t posted it here before but if I did, oh well!?!

For the record, this photo was taken at Fehmeen’s birthday party. We are singing a second rendition of Happy Birthday, this time for Emma (and Daddy). And no, I haven’t switched allegiance away from the Giants. The only reason we have that shirt is because one Halloween our school staff decided that we should all dress up like pirates and swashbucklers. Not wanting to commit to the letter of the law, Fehmeen and I went online and purchased discounted Pittsburgh Pirates shirts.

Here’s to the next 400!! Thanks for reading.


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