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I currently cannot get enough of:

Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog on DVD.

I was hooked the moment NPH rhymed tumbling with mumbling in the clip below.

Tom Waits Glitter and Doom Live on CD.

Jersey Shore on MTV.

You can call me by my nom-de-Guido, The SituJason.


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Information Overload

The warm spray of the hand-held shower nozzle washes across my back. My thigh muscles clench tightly as the soapy loofah brushes over them. White knuckles recede as my death-grip on the silver grab-bar becomes tenuous thanks to the sudsy build-up between my fingers. The water in my eyes burns and stings. My right eyebrow has an itch that won’t quit. On the tip of my nose, an agonizing drop of water.

What I wouldn’t do for functioning arms, hands, and fingers.

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A Big Ol’ Toothy Grin

I’m going to tell this story in reverse order from the end to the beginning. It’ll make more sense that way.

I hope.

The universe smiled at me today.

There were three deer standing in our front yard when we got home from school today.

After spending most of the morning trying to write an entry titled “Dear Deer,” I gave up due to a persistent case of writer’s block.

Yesterday my dad put away the pair of mechanical deer that we had displayed in our front yard.

Three days ago I had a thought. I wonder what real deer think of all the holiday deer that make an appearance around Xmas time each year. Do they even notice? Do they even care?

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Picetti Pizza Graveyard

There are few things in life that I enjoy more than eating pizza with Fehmeen and Emma. The three of us share a slice until all that’s left is a sliver of crust. The doughy remains are relegated to the edge of the plate and the process begins again. By the time we’re done, we have a dish full of discarded crusts: the perfect Picetti Pizza Graveyard.

The Picetti's prefer Toto's

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Mama’s Two Parasites

Emma and Jason Picetti

Christmas Day 2009

Photo credits JoPi Shortlimbs

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